Our MPH Practicum preceptors play a vital role in the success of our students' practicums. Below are a few practicum preceptors that frequently host our students. 

Hokie Wellness is the employee and student wellness program for Virginia Tech having recently merged with student health and alcohol prevention to form a new team. We provide health and wellness programming for all Hokies. 

Our practicum students worked with employee wellness and were instrumental in researching employee needs and developing programs that met those needs. For example, we now have an incentive based program that we use year-round that addresses more than just the physical aspects of wellness. We also have online modules about nutrition and mindful eating that can be accessed by our extended campuses. Lastly, we have information about employees’ knowledge of mental health and available resources as well as the basis for mental health programming.

The best part of preceptorship is working with the students and watching them as their projects are created and come to fruition. They begin with very different ideas and slowly piece together a program using their knowledge from the MPH program and our needs and put together well-thought out, valuable programs. It’s great working with young minds with fresh ideas!

MPH students with the Hokie Wellness team
MPH students with the Hokie Wellness team

Sarah Misyak, PhD - Integrated Research-Extension, Food Systems and Policy Coordinator for Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Family Nutrition Program (SNAP-Ed and EFNEP)

Virginia Cooperative Extension's Family Nutrition Program is a statewide organization whose mission is to teach limited-resource families and youth how to make healthier food choices and become better managers of available food resources for optimal health and growth. Our programs focus on basic nutrition, physical activity, safe food handling, and thrifty food shopping.We also work on policy, systems, and environmental initiatives to help make healthy choices easy choices. 

VT MPH students have helped us to conduct a needs assessment and feasibility study for implementing a volunteer-led nutrition and physical activity education program from Hispanic audiences, develop a marketing and outreach plan to help Family Nutrition Program summer interns recruit for nutrition education programs and publicize SNAP programs at farmers markets, and plan an online certification program for Virginia farmers market managers. The MPH students we have worked with helped to improve the quality of the programs we offer. We couldn't carry out some of the work they've done without them. 

These students have been wonderful. The best part of working with these students is getting to see their enthusiasm for their projects and public health in general.

MPH student, Carlisle Shealy, with Dr. Sarah Misyak and Meredith Ledlie Johnson
MPH student, Carlisle Shealy, with Dr. Sarah Misyak & Meredith Ledlie Johnson